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Geology of Macau: Geological Settings and Identification of its Common Rocks

Ref. No. : FD19-0753
Number of places : 25
Type : Training Programmes of Education
Date of enrolment : From now until 2019/10/07
Date : 2019/10/14 ~ 10/19 (Monday and Wednesday) 18:30 - 21:30; (Saturday) 09:30 - 12:30
Language of instruction : English
Location : University of Saint Joseph – N.A.P.E. Campus (Address: Rua de Londres 106, Macau)
No. of lesson(s) / hour(s) : 9 Hours 00 Minutes     This activity is included in the Professional Development Activities of Teaching Staff (Type 1)
Target : Junior and Senior Secondary Sciences teachers
Organized by : Centre of Educational Resources, Education and Youth Affairs Bureau
Training organization : University of Saint Joseph
Objectives : 1. Learn or review concepts in earth dynamics and tectonic plates (continental drift) theory; 2. Integrate the geological evolution of Macau and Southeast Asia in the broader context of tectonic plates evolution; 3. Learn how to identify the principal rocks outcropping in Macau; 4. Understand and recognize the geological landforms and structures occurring in Macau.
Contents : Session 1
- Introduction to earth dynamics and to the tectonic plates theory
- Geological evolution of Southeast China
Session 2
- Geology of Macau
- Activity: identification of rocks and minerals outcropping in Macau
Session 3
- Field Trip to Coloane for the identification of local geological features

Remark: The medium of instruction is English. Simultaneous interpretation into Chinese will be available.
Instructor : Professor Ágata Dias, University of Saint Joseph
Registration process : Holders of valid “Teacher’s Card” can apply online through the “Teachers’ Chamber”( For special duty personnel, school staff and new teachers who have not got the “Teacher’s Card” yet, please complete the “Registration Form for Teaching Staff Training Activities” and submit or fax it to the Centre of Educational Resources.
Inquiry : 83959184 (Mr. Mok Man Hong, Nicholas)
Announcement Date
of the list of successful
candidates and waiting list
1. The admission/waiting list will be announced on the page of “Teachers’ Chamber – Training Programmes of Education” on 2019/10/08. (
2. An SMS message will be delivered to the admitted candidates who have registered a contact number in the system.
3. Should an admitted candidate withdraw from the programme/activity, please notify Ms. Lei Meng Chu at 8395 9106 on/before 2019/10/11. The admitted alternates on the waiting list will be notified by telephone.
Certificate /
Certificate of Participation
Candidate(s) who have attended 80% or more (Note) of the training programme/activity and passed the assessment (if any) will be given a certificate of participation. If a candidate fails to meet the requirements for receiving certificate, the number of training hours attended will not be calculated.
(Note: Except for training activities with specified requirement)
Remarks : 1. Calculation of training hours:
1.1 This programme/activity is included in the Professional Development Activities of Teaching Staff (Type 1), with a total of 9 training hours to be calculated.
1.2 This programme/activity is included in the “Life-long Learning Award Scheme”.

2. Notification for change of class:
2.1 When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 3 is hoisted, all classes will continue as usual. When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 8 is still hoisted at 6:30 am, all morning classes/activities will be suspended. When Tropical Storm Warning Signal No. 8 is still hoisted at 11:30 am, all afternoon / evening classes/activities will be suspended.
2.2 Any change in instructor, time or venue of the programme/activity (if any) will be announced together with the admission/waiting list on the website of the Centre of Educational Resources.

3. Issues about class & attendance:
3.1 Only admitted candidates are welcome to attend the programme/activity.
3.2 Should an admitted candidate arrive after the first 30 minutes of a session/leave during a session for over 30 minutes/leave before the end of a session/fail to attend a session, he/she will be considered absent for that session. Member(s) who are absent shall submit or fax a declaration of absence with the confirmation from school to the Centre of Educational Resources within 10 working days after the activity ends (except for those who have already requested for withdrawal within the specified time mentioned in this prospectus).
3.3 Our staff may take photos or videos during the class or activity for educational purpose. If you don’t want your image to be captured and published, please inform the staff members.
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